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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What Are Crowdfunded Auctions?

In crowdfunded auctions, individuals collectively fund the cost of an item, then bid for the item. The winner is the last person to place a bid before the auction timer hits zero.

How Do I Participate?

Participating is straightforward. Start by registering an account. After registration, PICK the campaign you’d like to support, make a PLEDGE to that campaign, and then PLAY in the campaign auction when it goes live.

What Is A "Pledge"?

A pledge at ToucanWin is a commitment to financially support a campaign by offering money. In return, you receive an equivalent or more number of Bid tokens. If the campaign reaches its funding goal with enough pledges, the project gets the funds; otherwise, no money is exchanged.

What Are "Bid Tokens"?

In ToucanWin’s crowdfunding, bidders receive at least one Bid Token for each dollar pledged when the pledge goal is met. These tokens give bidders an advantage in auctions without increasing the auction price, setting them apart from purchased bid packages and ensuring fairness in the platform.

What Is A "Bid"?

“Bids” represent one dollar and can be bought or earned via promotions. Placing a Bid in an auction increases the price by one cent and and positions the bidder to potentially win. Bids can also be used to pay the “Tardy Toll” if you missed the campaign pledge phase, allowing participation in any campaign auction.

How Do You Win The Auction?

To win an auction, you need to place the highest bid before the auction timer runs out. Bidding strategically and timing your bids can help you secure the winning position.  Please see the How It Works video for more information.

How Do I Become An Auctionpreneur?

In order to become an Auctionpreneur you must submit an application for the Auctionpreneur Program here and be approved.

I Am Having Technical Problems?

Send an email to with any issues you may be experiencing and our team will get back to you as soon as we are avaiable.